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Each font has its original name, which follows the JDK abbreviation, so it is not a single font family. If you download multiple fonts, after installation they will appear in the editors one after the other, not under one shortcut. Here and on the homepage, I arrange them according to the date of addition from the most recent, in the bar they are arranged alphabetically. Just click on the name of the font below and you will be able to download the specific font. If you want to discuss and rate fonts, use the Blog (only in Czech, you can use a translator).

The fonts are available as *.ttf files, if you want another file type (*.otf, *.svg or *.eot) please email me.

Handwritten thin font, pointed, sharp, written in a rather cursive hand. Suitable as a font for letters and other documents. Includes separate printable capital letters. Available in four cuts: regular, angry, semibold and smibold angry. The cuts of Angra are enriched with pictograms of lightning bolts, bombs, skulls, a tomb, a gallows, a cloud and a knife in minuscules.

Cracked font resembling shards, possibly broken fragments of mica. Suitable for inscriptions on stone, broken inscriptions, etc. Only a single cut containing only uppercase letters.

Classic digital font like a watch. Good, for example, as the speech of robots. Lowercase and uppercase letters, 4 styles in total: regular, italic, bold and bold italic.

Creepy easy-to-read font, suitable as a not-so-scary monster font, for example the speech of orcs, goblins, giants, etc. Also suitable for sfx clips. Contains lowercase and uppercase letters, interesting ligatures. A total of 5 cuts: regular, italic, bold, bold italic and outline.

Childish or adolescent typeface. Contains 4 cuts: regular, calligraphic, love and song. The last two are an extension of the regullar cut with twists around the mood-inducing letters (hearts, flowers, notes).

Bold comic book font. It contains only capital letters, it is suitable for retouching graphic inscriptions (sfx) and for writing expressive exclamations in bubbles. Currently two cuts: black and black outline.

Bold scifi font. Contains only uppercase and lowercase letters. Suitable for headlines, logos and distinctive graphic elements. Currently only in bold cut.

A sans serif font with smooth rounded lines. Suitable both for typesetting and, for example, for creating a logo. Very comprehensive. In it you will find characters such as ingots and various special marks. In regular, italic, bold, bold italic and unreadable.

Comic font in full bold. It contains only capital letters and is very suitable for retouching graphic inscriptions (sfx). It currently has two cuts: heavy and heavy outline.

Handwritten font, comic, slightly shaky. It is a complete font that includes uppercase and lowercase letters. It has 4 cuts: regular, italic, bold and bold italic.

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