On these pages you will find my original Czech fonts. You may be wondering why I decided to make them available for free? You can read the answer in the about me tab. The number of fonts here will increase as long as I enjoy creating new fonts, so if you don't find what you're looking for, try again sometime.

If you or your publisher feel the need to gift me some amount for downloaded fonts, I won't mind (you can do it via the donate tab), but I don't require anything like that for commercial use of my work either.

The fonts are in the Czech localization. If something is missing in the font, we can arrange to edit it (see contact).

Well, let them write to you!

Site history

  • Jun 24, 2023 Added unreadable cut to JDK Vindil font (05 Unreadable) and fixed c rendering bug in JDK Kikun font.

  • March 13, 2023, the JDK Okunrin font was added.

  • March 3, 2023, fixed strokes for the letters "k" and "q" in the Bold Italic section of the JDK Vindil font (version 1.002).

  • February 26, 2023, the JDK Gratsch of Apana font was added.

  • February 25, 2023 JDK Vindil font extended with italic, bold and bold italic (version 1.001).

  • February 24, 2023, the JDK Don Digit font was added.

  • On February 6, 2023, the JDK Croo Ella font was added.

  • January 20, 2023 JDK Comics Hand font extended with bold italic cut, landing adjustment for this font (version 1.001)
  • On January 19, 2023, the JDK Kikun font was added.
  • January 16, 2023 change order of slices in JDK Bushidoo font (I kept version 1.000, nothing changed in font appearance).
  • January 15, 2023 JDK Bou the Fatman font updated (version 1.001), fixed word spacing and diacritics clipping.
  • On January 9, 2023, the JDK Bushidoo font was added.
  • On January 3, 2023, the JDK Futurix font was added.
  • December 29, 2022 site up and running, JDK Comics Hand, JDK Bou the Fatman and JDK Vindil fonts embedded.

What fonts can you find here

All fonts begin with the abbreviation JDK to make them easier to find in text editors and to let users know they are safely in fonts that are free to use commercially.

Unfortunately, these pages do not allow me to enter a test text, I solve it with preview images, but I found it confusing on the homepage. If you want to see previews of all fonts with an additional guide, click on the fonts tab.

Clicking on the font name below will take you to the specific font tab. Sort by date added, newest on top.

  • JDK Okunrin (Handwriting. Contains 4 cuts: regular, angry, semibold and semibold angry.)
  • JDK Gratsch of Apana (Cracked font resembling broken glass or stone. Only one cut and only capital letters.)
  • JDK Don Digit (Classic digital font. Lowercase and uppercase, Regular, italic, bold, bold italic.)
  • JDK Croo Ella (Creepy, handwritten, comic book. Uppercase and lowercase letters. Regular, italic, bold, bold italic, outline.)
  • JDK Kikun (Childish or adolescent typeface. Contains 4 cuts: regular, calligraphic, love and song.)
  • JDK Bushidoo ( Comic fat font, good for sfx. Capital letters only. Black and black outline.)
  • JDK Futurix (Scifi font suitable for titles and logos. Contains uppercase and capitals. Only in bold.)
  • JDK Vindil (Serfless with rounded lines. Very comprehensive. In regular, italic, bold, bold italic and unreadable.)
  • JDK Bou the Fatman (Comic, very fat, good for sfx. Capital letters only. Heavy and heavy outline.)
  • JDK Comics Hand (Comic, handwritten, slightly shaky. Lowercase and uppercase. Regular, italic, bold and bold italic.)

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