JDK Okunrin

Handwritten thin font, pointed, sharp, written in a rather cursive hand. Suitable as a font for letters and other documents. Includes separate printable capital letters. Available in four cuts: regular, angry, semibold and smibold angry. The cuts of Angra are enriched with pictograms of lightning bolts, bombs, skulls, a tomb, a gallows, a cloud and a knife in minuscules. Previews in all cuts below.


Free for private and commercial use.

The author of the font is not responsible for damages or claims of third parties that may arise in connection with the use of this font.


Font JDK Okunrin (c) Jakub D. Koci, jdkfonty.mozellosite.com.

(If you want and can, include in the circulation of your print or project. This way you will help spread awareness about these free fonts. If you don't mention it, nothing happens.)