Jakub D. Kočí

    How about fonts? 

Hi, I've been doing lettering for about twenty years. I mainly work for the comic book publisher CREW, but I also have other small orders (magazines, books, municipal newsletters, flyers, card games...).

Until recently - as I'm writing this, it's the end of 2022 - I was often dealing with what font to use to make it free and for commercial purposes. Something was always found, but you know how it is with such fonts with Czech, kerning, ligatures and who knows what... Sure, CREW has its mother fonts, but the creative can't get enough of them. So I came to the conclusion that I would start making my own, author's fonts. Then it was just a step to throwing your work in the hands of other graphic designers. I hope they will be of some use to you. If you find a bug in them, I will be grateful for the info by email, then I will make a new version. I don't hide the fact that I use a dose for some processes and I'm more of an artist than a perfectionist.

To create fonts, I use pencil, paper, scanner and programs Type light, Birdfont, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

   Why a free domain?

In the future, it may happen that for some reason I will stop making fonts and thus also adding to this website (perhaps I will decide to disappear into the woods forever). This will make JDK fonts a closed chapter, but will continue to be a good source of fonts that are free for commercial use. So why should people lose this option if a domain stops being funded for any reason?

   Where can you find - what do I know - my fonts?

In some comics by CREW Publishers. On the Fontys server. In Designportal magazine (article about this site). In the magazine of the Club of Illustrators and Humorists Tapír. In some magazines of the company Extra Publishing. In some magazines of the company RF-Hobby. On the Zuzana Bezvaldová server. On the Fonts2U and 1001 Free Fonts servers.

If you use or mention my fonts and want to appear on this list, please let me know by email.

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